I am an advocate for patients and for Rancho.

Chi Wang Chung

I am an advocate for patients and for Rancho.


Daniel T.

Daniel M.

KnowwBarriers has help me discover a new sense of belonging and purpose in my new life after suffering a spinal cord injury.


I like KnowBarriers because I get to share my experiences with new patients.


Mentoring to me has been a wonderful learning experience. It has helped me reflect on my own struggles and given me a sense of purpose and direction.


I think the KnowBarriers program is a great program to help people who are struggling with a spinal cord injury.



I like being a peer mentor because when I first got injured there was no one there to give me hope.


I participate because I love a challenge and new experience in my life.


I enjoy giving back to patients and letting them know that life goes on.


I'm honored to help people because of the help that Rancho gave me.



To help other people with their disabilities and new barriers they have in their lives.


Hector's (AKA, "Juice") goals were to return to driving, work, and complete a marathon. With support from his coach, Juice is driving and working on the Spinal Cord Injury Service and in the Wellness Center.


After graduating from the Life Coaching Program, Larry built up his confidence to become a certified Peer Mentor with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, completed writing a personal book and became a celebrated, active member of Toastmasters.