Meet CassandraCassandra has inspired many of us as she set out to achieve her goal of completeing her associate's degree. She has overcome the challengesof suffering a stroke.

Cassandra has an impressive "A" average at Cerritos College with one final class to complete before she graduates. In addition to school; Cassandra volunteers in the Rancho Restoritive Garden and creates beautiful quilts for her family and friends. She recently passed her behind the wheel test to obtain her California Driver's License.




Meet GregBefore starting the Life Coaching Program, Greg spent most of his time at home and felt fairly inactive. As a result, Greg had goals of becoming more social and active in some type of work or volunteer work.

Greg truly surpassed these initial goals. He completed training for the life coaching program and has become one of the most valued peer mentors working on the impaitent stroke service. His hard work and endless positive energy inspires patient's on a daily basis. Greg is a role model by continuing to work on his final goal of learning to read.



Meet JaimeJaime started working on his goals only months after suffering a stroke. His goals were to return to work as a care-giver and obtain a driver's license.

TheKnowbarrierslife coaching program helped Jaime identify his unique skills and niche population to advertise as a care-giver. Jaime has primarily worked as a valuable peer mentor on the stroke rehabilitation service. He recently participated in a Rancho Outdoor Adventure camping and surfing trip. He also successfully passed his California driver's permit test!




Meet MariaAfter expirencing multiple strokes, lower leg amputation and secondary health issues, Maria is truly an example of theKnowbarriers spirit.

Maria's life coaching goals were to be more socially active, meet new friends, return to work, and improve her self esteem. Maria has exceeded all of her goals. Maria works as a peer mentor on the Stroke Service and volunteer in the Department of Communication Disorders and Rancho Restoritive Garden. She is active in the Outdoor Adventure Program; recently participating in surfing, camping, and rock climbing.




Meet FredI really like to see patients happy, with a smile on their faces.

It's nice to see that they look forward to me coming around.




Meet Richard