Meet Jarred Jarred was one of the first graduates of the KnowBarriers Life Coaching program. His goals were to become more independent, return to leisure activities and obtain an adapted vehicle and be driving independently.

Now, Jarred can be seen surfing on the They Will Surf Again website and Safesuit music video! What makes this especially remarkable is that this is how Jarred sustained his C6 spinal cord injury. He has moved out on his own, requires no attendant care, drives an adapted Honda Element. He has traveled back to Reno, NV to snow and water ski; and as far away as Costa Rica looking for the perfect wave! “With Bobbi Jean’s help I established what my goals were, and how to break them down to make them more achievable. Having a schedule for phone appointments helped keep me focused and motivated to attack my goals head on.”



 Meet EddieEddie was our first traumatic brain injury survivor to graduate from the Life Coaching program; with flying colors I might add!

He has achieved all three of his goals: attending adult school in preparation for passing the GED exam, becoming more social with his peers and improving his fitness. Eddie has excelled in his adult education program; to include being appointed the student representative. He has developed new friendships with peers at school and re-established old friendships in his neighborhood. Lastly, he can be found hitting the weights at least three days a week at a local gym. He has completed his orientation and will soon be “paying it forward” by mentoring in Rancho vocational services. “The life coaching program has made me believe in myself, which is why I am more involved in school, and my community.”



Meet JayJay had goals to return to the entertainment business, live as independently as possible and eventually become “comfortable in his own skin” to start a relationship.

Jay is now doing stand up comedy (from his wheelchair!) 3-4 nights a week. He was named “Hotest New LA Comedian in 2007”, has produced and starred in 3 theatre productions and can be seen performing in LA hotspots like “The IceHouse” and “The Improv”. Through his own fundraising efforts Jay has purchased a van and is completing driver’s training. He will tell you his greatest accomplishment this year was engaging to his girl friend, down on one knee in a swimming pool. She said Yes!




Meet ErikErik injured over 5 years ago recently joined our life coaching program. Erik has not let his C3/4 spinal cord injury keep him from moving forward with his life.

His goals are to finish his degree at CSUN and develop a Violence Prevention program for schools in the San Fernando Valley. Erik has already accomplished a great deal. He is a Violence Prevention Specialist and is the co-author of a book based on his own life experiences, entitled “PayBack, The Cost of Being A Gangster”.




Meet EsiEsi graduated from the KnowBarriers Life Coaching program after meeting his goals of driving independently and returning to school full time.

He continues to focus on his. Within 2 months of starting the Life Coaching program Esi had completed the RLANRC driver training program, purchased a Volvo which he adapted with the proper equipment and was able to transfer in and out of the car independently, as well as, load his wheelchair. He is working towards a goal of transferring to USC as a full time business student. He has increased strength and return in his lower extremities; participating in a relay team for the Los Angeles Marathon in both 2007 and 2008. “The confidence and strength that KnowBarriers has built inside me, has helped me to get back to my life.”




Meet IgnacioIgnacio is by far one of the most inspiring people we have had the privilege of working with. Injured at the young age of 20 from a gunshot wound, Ignacio has lived in a skilled nursing home since his discharge from Rancho.

His goals in the KnowBarriers Life Coaching program were to meet more people his age, be more independent in his environment and obtain his GED. Ignacio obtained funding to purchase recommended assistive technology to access the computer from the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation. He found a GED program and has been attending for 18 months. Ignacio wakes up 5 days a week, at approximately 6am in order for the nurses to get him ready for his 8am pick up. He spends all day at school, asking classmates to assist him with drinking water, taking his medication or grabbing a bite to eat. He returns to the facility at approximately 8:30pm.

This past year Ignacio began traveling to see his family in San Diego. This is a “first”, since his injury eight years ago. Ignacio demonstrates better than any of our mentors how to direct his care and carry on an active, productive and social life despite living in a skilled nursing facility.



Meet AntonioAntonio’s goals were to return to work as a Harley Davidson technician, learn to drive with hand controls and eventually return to school.

Antonio began repairing motorcycles for some of his previous clients and decided that focusing on going to college was more important. Antonio’s KnowBarriers attitude has allowed him to feel comfortable in his own skin and within one year he has ventured into attending Cerritos College, driving a new car, and dating.




Teet ChristinaChristina began working with KnowBarriers to achieve her goals of returning to full time employment in the field of education, moving from a senior living facility to an apartment and driving independently.

She is completing her driver’s training program at Rancho, she is working full time and actively looking for an apartment near her new job. She has also returned to her leisure interest of traveling; Seattle and London to name a few of her recent destinations. She has graciously provided free tutoring to a few life coaching clients preparing to take their GED exam and is beginning to work as a KnowBarriers Peer Mentor. "As I am surrounded less by the supports of the Rancho community, having a life coach who is an educated disabled professional to counsel me through this transition is extremely valuable.”



Meet MaggieMaggie has a C4 spinal cord injury and was one of our first Life Coaching graduates.

Her goals included becoming a more involved parent to her son and finding a healthier living environment. Maggie found the courage, and with the help of KnowBarriers, the resources to move out on her own; and for the first time in her life, she is the sole care provider for her son. Today she and her son live in an apartment with her care providers right next door. She enjoys her role as a full time Mom and can be found chatting on the internet every day.




Meet CassandraCassandra has inspired many of us as she set out to achieve her goal of completeing her associate's degree. She has overcome the challengesof suffering a stroke.

Cassandra has an impressive "A" average at Cerritos College with one final class to complete before she graduates. In addition to school; Cassandra volunteers in the Rancho Restoritive Garden and creates beautiful quilts for her family and friends. She recently passed her behind the wheel test to obtain her California Driver's License.



Meet GregBefore starting the Life Coaching Program, Greg spent most of his time at home and felt fairly inactive. As a result, Greg had goals of becoming more social and active in some type of work or volunteer work.

Greg truly surpassed these initial goals. He completed training for the life coaching program and has become one of the most valued peer mentors working on the impaitent stroke service. His hard work and endless positive energy inspires patient's on a daily basis. Greg is a role model by continuing to work on his final goal of learning to read.




Meet JaimeJaime started working on his goals only months after suffering a stroke. His goals were to return to work as a care-giver and obtain a driver's license.

TheKnowbarrierslife coaching program helped Jaime identify his unique skills and niche population to advertise as a care-giver. Jaime has primarily worked as a valuable peer mentor on the stroke rehabilitation service. He recently participated in a Rancho Outdoor Adventure camping and surfing trip. He also successfully passed his California driver's permit test!




Meet MariaAfter expirencing multiple strokes, lower leg amputation and secondary health issues, Maria is truly an example of theKnowbarriers spirit.

Maria's life coaching goals were to be more socially active, meet new friends, return to work, and improve her self esteem. Maria has exceeded all of her goals. Maria works as a peer mentor on the Stroke Service and volunteer in the Department of Communication Disorders and Rancho Restoritive Garden. She is active in the Outdoor Adventure Program; recently participating in surfing, camping, and rock climbing.




Meet AnaOne of her first goals was to enroll into school and learn English. The second one was to move to Glendale, and lastly to return to work.

Today, Ana volunteers at the Rancho Gift Shop. She is enrolled in school and has moved to Glendale with one of her sisters. Ana reports that being a part of KnowBarriershas helped her gain more confidence in herself to accomplish her goals.




Meet ChrisThrough the help of his KnowBarriers life coach Antonio, Chris reduced his debt by 50%, successfully applied for a grant, and has one semester of college to obtain his AA degree in Web and Graphic Design.

Today, Chris uses a voice activated voice system to control appliances in his home and currently is working with Bobbie Jean Tanberg updating the KnowBarriers website. Congratulations to Chris and his beautiful fiancee Iris on there recent engagement!!!

Some times life isn't fair, but I believe things happen for a reason and we need to accept our new lives, learn from it, and move forward and make the best of each day. Remember, disable does not mean unable.



Meet DaronOne of his goals was to become more independent and comfortable with his new lifestyle. He also wanted his own apartment.

As a result of his work he did with his life coach. Daron has been able to explore new possibilities. He participated in a ski trip to Colorado with the Rancho Outdoor Adventure Program and surfed with Life Rolls On. Daron also achieved his goals of moving into his own apartment and pursuing a college degree.




Meet HectorAfter a great deal of hard work and perseverence, Juice achieved and completed his final goal by completing 26.2 miles on his hand cycle in the Long Beach Marathon.

Hector has already set his next goal;singing at Dodger Stadium!!!




Meet LarryThe most important life skills he says he learned from the program include orginization, listening skills, and patience.

Today, Larry is pursuing his GED and believing in himself no matter what.We look forward to Larry sharing his positive attitude with Rancho patients as a KnowBarriers Peer Mentor.




Meet MayraCurrently, Mayra is a full time student and also an active member of the Rancho Wellness Center Program. She recently danced in the Performing Arts Show and traveled with the Outdoor Adventure Program.

Mayra's quiet, but strong spirit has allowed her to persevere after her spinal cord injury, reach her goals. She is a role model of what it means to have a KnowBarriers attitude.




Meet GeorgeGeorge's eagerness and positive energy helped him achieve his goals at a rapid and very successfull rate.

George is currently a full time student at East Los Angeles College, getting ready to transfer to Cal State next year. He spends his time with his kids every weekend and has an active social life. George is also one of the newest members to join the Wellness Center Team.